date published: January 1, 2007

Come January 1, most of us talk about committing to health and spend time admonishing ourselves for all that terribly unhealthy demon drink we consumed on December 31. At Panorama, we’re no different, and this year we’ve resolved to get ourselves in fighting form and put that youthful, vigorous spring in our step. But who says we need to do so without alcohol? If you’re only willing to look, there’s a plethora of “healthy” cocktails out there in Boston watering holes that let drinkers temper their intoxication with rejuvenation.

The Antipasto Martini, photo by Meghan Randall<< The Antipasto Martini at Sorellina
One Huntington Ave., 617-412-4600
Heaven knows that most of us could use more vegetables in our diet, and the folks at Sorellina have figured out two surefire ways to con veggie-phobes into putting some green into their diet—namely, put those veggies in a drink, and make them invisible, to boot. The eatery’s Antipasto Martini consists of Reyka vodka infused with a produce section’s worth of healthy veggies, including red, yellow, orange and green peppers, carrots, cucumbers and celery, and served with a blue The Power Shake, photo by Derek Kouyoumjiancheese-stuffed olive. Sure, you could’ve had a V8, but with a libation this luscious available, why would you?

The Power Shake at Om >>
92 Winthrop St., Cambridge, 617-576-2800
Most of the time, you wouldn’t consider your cocktail of choice part of a workout regimen. (Unless, of course, you choose hoisting a brew or two as a way of building up your biceps.) But Om mixologist Clif Travers has come up with a concoction that unites the bar crowd with the barbell crowd in his Power Shake—a mix of fruit liqueurs, pureed strawberries, vanilla vodka, soy milk, protein powder and wheatgrass juice. A word of warning: much like you would with a normal protein shake, you’ll probably want to limit yourself to one of these bad (but good) boys.
The Bloody Good Idea

<< The Bloody Good Idea at Redline
59 JFK St., Cambridge, 617-491-9851
Who hasn’t sought to cure a hangover with that magical elixir, the Bloody Mary, at one time or another? Vince Conte, general manager of Redline, offers his own take on the famed “hair of the dog” cocktail with this mixture of Grey Goose L’Orange Vodka, Luvli brand spicy tomato juice and a splash of ginger liqueur. Garnished with spicy pepper jack cheese and Cajun croutons, it’s almost like drinking a salad.The D'Luvli Carrot Cocktail

The D’Luvli Carrot Cocktail at Eastern Standard >>
528 Commonwealth Ave., 617-532-9100
Growing up, we were always told to eat our carrots so we’d have good eyesight. (Perhaps your parents even gave you the old “Have you ever seen a rabbit with glasses?” as proof that it works.) Eastern Standard bartender Doug Taylor obviously believed: he created the D’Luvli Carrot Cocktail by combining Luvli Zingy Carrot Juice with Schonauer Apfel Schnapps, Sailor Jerry rum and a splash of sparkling wine to create a chilled and vibrantly colorful cocktail that can only help you catch the eye of that cute little bunny at the other end of the bar.

<< The Green Tea Potion at Douzo
131 Dartmouth St., 617-859-8886
Green tea is thought to be one of the healthiest substances a person can consume, with scientific evidence that it contains antioxidants that help protect against certain types of cancer and lower cholesterol, while also possibly staving off rheumatoid arthritis and heart disease. So, do your body a favor and try Douzo’s Green Tea Potion, which contains Charbay green tea vodka, unfiltered sake, and a splash of green tea itself. Then, do your body another favor: stop drinking in time to get a few hours sleep before the big presentation tomorrow morning.

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