Does the Southern upstart measure up against the home-grown favorite?
by Christine Celli and Scott Roberto

For those who aren’t counting carbs, doughnuts are a breakfast delight that have been popular for more than a century. Here in Boston, we’ve preferred to get our morning snack at Dunkin’ Donuts since it opened its first shop in nearby Quincy in 1950. But with the arrival of the Winston-Salem, N.C.-based Krispy Kreme—which recently opened its first Boston shop at the Prudential Center—the local doughnut king finally has some competition. In this comparison, we measure the two heavyweights against one another, awarding 5 points per category.

FINAL TALLY: As you can see, our “scientific” scoring system has the local incumbent in a dead heat with the Southern interloper with a score of 20 to 20. We’ll let your own taste buds be the ultimate tie-breaker.