date published: March 10, 2008

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Celtics Dancers Alexis and AlisonAlexis and Alison
by Josh B. Wardrop

In 2006, the Boston Celtics introduced their sideline entertainment, the Celtics Dancers. The talented and beautiful 20-woman dance squad has contributed (along with the Celts having the best record in the NBA) to a raucous party atmosphere at TD Banknorth Garden this season. Panorama spoke to dancers Alison and team captain Alexis about this prize gig and their part in the resurgence of “Celtic Pride.”

Q: The Celtics were the last team in the NBA to establish a dance team. How have you been received by the fans?
We got mixed reviews when we started, because the Celtics adding dancers was considered a “big deal.”
The fans here are very traditional. But the culture of sporting events is different now, and the Celtics recognized that. This year, we’ve gotten a much warmer response.

Q: Who’s your favorite current Celtic, and why? Alison: KG (Kevin Garnett) has brought so much to the team, and to the atmosphere at the Garden. He’s such a fierce competitor.
Ray Allen. He’s a very classy player, and a really strong teammate.

Q: What do you think of when you hear the words “Celtic Pride”?
History. Celtics fans are diehard from birth, and we always tell the new girls and out-of-staters to learn their Celtic history—the fans will totally grill you and be disappointed if you don’t know your stuff.

Q: With St. Patrick’s Day approaching, can you recommend a good Irish bar?
The Black Rose, near Faneuil Hall, is awesome. Alison: There are so many good ones! What I’m psyched about, though, is that we dancers are going to be in the St. Patrick’s parade in Southie this year. I can’t wait!

Q: What do you consider your primary objective as a Celtics dancer?
Get the crowd excited, so they can reciprocate and fire up the players and give them something to feed off.