date published: January 1, 2007

5 questions with...

Bronson Arroyo   
by Josh B. Wardrop

During his tenure with the Boston Red Sox, pitcher Bronson Arroyo was known almost as much for his status as a rock ’n’ roll heartthrob as for his exploits as a member of the 2004 World Series champions. He released Covering the Bases, an album of grunge covers in 2005, before being traded to the Cincinnati Reds. Arroyo returns to the area January 13, for a show at the Roxy, and reminisces with Panorama about his days with the Sox.

Q: What’s different about pitching for Cincinnati?
Well, the atmosphere isn’t anything like Fenway Park, which I miss—that passion from the fans every day. But I really like shouldering more responsibility and being the #1 or #2 guy in the starting rotation. I enjoy the challenge.

Q: Have you kept up with the Sox acquisitions this winter—such as (Japanese pitcher) Daisuke Matsuzaka?
Yeah, I actually came to town right in the middle of his press conference and all the craziness. That’s what makes Boston fun for a player—people are going bonkers in the middle of December over getting a pitcher from halfway around the world.

Q: What do you remember most about the World Series win?
It’s still vivid. I remember [pitcher] Derek Lowe running around yelling “This is the year!” And, for weeks afterwards, people coming up to me on the street, crying and thanking me.

Q: Where did you like to check out live music when you lived in Boston?
Obviously, Avalon is great for checking out bigger bands. Otherwise, I liked going to the Paradise.

Q: Any plans for a second album?
Nope. If I could play ball 365 days a year, I’d never complain. But put a guitar in my hand and send me out onstage everyday, I’ll probably get tired of it. It’s a hobby I don’t ever want to turn into a job.