date published: April 7, 2008

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Jeff CorwinJeff Corwin
by Josh B. Wardrop

Wildlife expert and Massachusetts resident Jeff Corwin is no stranger to anyone who’s watched him interact with all varieties of exotic species on nature programs like “The Jeff Corwin Experience,” “Corwin’s Quest” and the Travel Channel’s “Into Alaska with Jeff Corwin.” On April 20, the popular conservationist is the keynote speaker at Franklin Park Zoo’s Earth Day celebration.

Q: What will you be doing at Franklin Park Zoo’s Earth Day event?
Speaking about the importance of protecting our world and its wildlife. I’m looking forward to entertaining people with tales from the field, while trying not to get upstaged by any animals!

Q: You’ve visited zoos around the world. How does Franklin Park Zoo stack up?
It’s an incredibly expansive, wonderful resource to have in an urban environment—a place that can be a catalyst that fires a young person’s love of wildlife. It’s a great zoo, and could become one of the best in our nation. The talent and the ingredients are all in place, so I think it’s well on its way.

Q: How can the average person help preserve our planet?
The greatest cancer to conservation is apathy. Even if you’re turning out lights in your house or recycling, it begins with little steps— sustainable, attainable steps. Everyone has an impact.

Q: Globetrotting like you do, do you ever get time to enjoy Boston?
Boston’s my favorite city on the planet. I love walking from the North End to Boston Common and into Chinatown—stopping to eat at Neptune Oyster or No. 9 Park or Pho Pasteur along the way.

Q: Are people finally embracing the mission of conservation?
I’m refreshed by the genuine concern people have for our natural world. Are we, as a species that controls the destiny of our planet, stepping up to the plate as much as we need to? Not yet—but I think we’re heading in the right direction.