date published: February 26, 2007

5 questions with...

Linda Evans    
by Josh B. Wardrop

Actress Linda Evans thrilled soap opera fans as Krystle Carrington in the 1980s mega-hit serial “Dynasty.” Now, she’s joined her former catfight opponent Joan Collins in a touring production of Legends!, a comedy about dueling showbiz divas. Evans talks to Panorama about art imitating art.

Q: The obvious question: how does it feel to be reunited with Joan?
What’s really great about it is that we know how to do this rivalry thing. It really helps that we have this nine-year history where people remember us as women who loathe each other, which benefits Legends! immensely.

Q: People do have that image of you and Joan as adversaries. What is your working relationship like?
Acting is like any job: everyone has worked with people who are considered to be “difficult.” But if you’re a professional, you just go to work and do your job. People sometimes forget that co-stars don’t have to be either best friends or bitter adversaries.

Q: After 40 years of acting, you’re making your stage debut. Scary?
A complete shock to the system. The last time I was onstage was in junior high—I wouldn’t get up to give a book report, so my principal forced me to take theater classes! It’s been a steep learning curve, but I completely understand why people fall in love with theatrical performance.

Q: Have you had much opportunity to work in or visit Boston in the past?
I’ve never spent extended time here, but I do love the city—it’s so exquisitely designed. What’s particularly sweet about a touring show is getting to explore new cities!

Q: Is there one piece of audience feedback you’ve heard consistently about Legends?
The question I get most is ‘Were you having as much fun up there as it seemed?’ And the truth is, I have fun every night.