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Coming to America
 Already one of Beantown’s best attractions, the Skywalk Observatory (refer to listing, page 43) at the top of the Prudential Tower now has something new for those eager to glimpse a bird’s-e
Sean Kearns, at the helm of the USS Constitution

Commander of the USS Constitution takes the wheel leading the nation’s oldest commissioned warship into a much-needed rest.

Commander Sean Kearns is a man on a mission. After working his way up through the ranks of the U.S. Navy, he was assigned last year to the command of the USS Constitution, one of the Navy’s most unique jobs. Being a native Mainer certainly didn’t hurt, either—it’s an unofficial Navy tradition for the leader of “Old Ironsides” to be from New England so they have a connection to the area and the historic frigate. 
Peek at the Past: Bunker Hill Monument

Taking the mystery out of Boston history!

The sight of the 221-foot Bunker Hill Monument is no doubt a familiar one to many Bostonians. What is less certain, however, is if even locals know the real story behind this monument and the Revolutionary War battle that it commemorates.
Peek at the Past: Irish in Boston
  The November election of Marty Walsh signaled a return to a long tradition of Irish-American mayors in Boston. Starting in 1885, Hugh O’Brien of County Cork became the city’s first Irish mayor, and in the 1900s, Irish-American politicians held the mayor’s seat for 85 out of 100 years. However, Boston’s Irish residents weren’t always so accepted.
Peek at the Past: Frog Pond
The Boston Common Frog Pond is a fun destination for visitors year-round, whether they’re splashing in the shallow water during the summer or twirling on the ice in the winter. However, not many people are aware of the fact that they’re frolicking on the site of a prehistoric gathering place.

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