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Staging History
  March 6, 1770 may not be a day that lives in infamy, but the previous day, March 5, was notorious for being the day of the Boston Massacre, one of the seminal events that lead to the Ameri
The Boston Massacre
  To borrow a phrase from FDR, March 5, 1770 is a day that lives in infamy in U.S. history. That was the day one of the most pivotal events leading up to the American Revolution took place:
Son of Liberty
  Most of us know Samuel Adams from high school history class—or, at the very least, as the face of the popular Boston-based beer. But Adams is also alive and well at the Boston Tea Party
Restoring History
 History buffs coming to the Boston area may have been dismayed to hear about “Old Ironsides”—the USS Constitution, the world’s oldest commissioned warship—going into dry dock for an ex
Iconic Boston
With a 385-year history, Boston has produced its share of memorable landmarks and institutions. Here are some of its most famous. Faneuil Hall MarketplaceConsisting of Quincy Market (pictured), t

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