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Staging History
  March 6, 1770 may not be a day that lives in infamy, but the previous day, March 5, was notorious for being the day of the Boston Massacre, one of the seminal events that lead to the Ameri
Papa on the Point
 Boston may be a far cry from many of the usual haunts—Cuba, Paris, Spain, Key West—associated with iconic American author Ernest Hemingway, yet what many people may not know is that the John
The Boston Massacre
  To borrow a phrase from FDR, March 5, 1770 is a day that lives in infamy in U.S. history. That was the day one of the most pivotal events leading up to the American Revolution took place:
Touching the Past
  The new executive director of  the Museum of African American History, Marita Rivero, has been championing a message of inclusion and equality for years. Rivero comes to the museum af
Crafting History
  “It’s a celebration of a continued, shared heritage,” explains Norah Messier (above left) of Plimoth Plantation’s second annual #i{craft}history celebration. #i{craft}history is an

June 2024
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