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Southie on Parade
One of the biggest celebrations of Irish-American pride in the country returns once again when the annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade takes over the streets of South Boston on March 19
Boston Accent: Witness to History

Dave Wedge, writer and co-author of Boston Strong: A City’s Triumph Over Tragedy, talks about the Boston Marathon bombing and the world-premiere play Finish Line

Dave Wedge is passionate about Boston, its people and its stories. Yet not every story is a happy one. 
Time-Travelling Circus
Photo: Mark TurnerEven though traditional circuses are disappearing faster than shrimp at a buffet, that doesn’t mean such old-fashioned, eye-popping extravaganzas have gone completely out of style.
Roundball Wizards
For more than nine decades, the Harlem Globetrotters have been living up to their name by bringing their unique brand of roundball wizardry to enthralled audiences all over the world
Kids’ Stuff

Struggling to entertain the little ones—and yourself—during school vacation week? Discover these family-friendly destinations.

Picturing History
Picturing Frederick Douglass: The Most Photographed American of the 19th Century at the Museum of African American History reveals the visual history of one of the greatest anti-slavery activists of his era
Old Gold
Even if shiny baubles are a bit too pricey for your Valentine’s Day budget, you can still gaze upon dozens of exquisite objects at the Museum of Fine Art’s new show
Fitting the Bill
The work of innovative American choreographer William Forsythe takes center stage as Boston Ballet begins the 2017 leg of its current season with the 1984 piece Artifact
February 2019
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