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Hall of Fame
Where can you hang with celebrities and take selfies to your heart’s delight without risking a punch in the nose? Only at Dreamland Wax Museum.
Heroes in the Hub
As the latest superhero epics take over the cineplex this summer, it’s a good time to celebrate the ink-and-paper origins of some of pop culture’s most enduring icons at Boston Comic Con
Delicious Deals
If it’s August, it must be time for another edition of Dine Out Boston, the semi-annual event beginning August 6–11 and continuing August 13–18
It’s All at the Hall
Forty-plus years after its revival, Faneuil Hall Marketplace remains as exciting a summer destination as ever thanks to a slew of regular events aimed at entertaining both locals and visitors alike
Garden of Eating
Following a long and acclaimed run as executive chef at Harvard Square’s much-lauded Harvest, chef/owner Mary Dumont now brings us Cultivar at the historic Ames Hotel
September 2017
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