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By Scott Roberto / January 26, 12:00 AM
A-Maze-ing Science


The Museum of Science becomes a virtual fun house when A Mirror Maze: Numbers in Nature debuts February 4. Ostensibly an exploration of the presence of mathematical patterns in the natural world—and no doubt filled with interactive displays about fractal branching, spirals, Voronoi patterns and the golden ratio, as well as an immersive, educational film featuring footage of art, architecture, nature and the human body—the exhibit boasts a centerpiece that is sure to be a hit with the kids: a 1,700-square-foot, mirror-walled maze filled with dead ends and a secret room filled with puzzles and artifacts. Tell your little ones it’s all designed to teach them about symmetry, tessellation, patterns and how they relate to math, but they’ll probably be having too much fun to care.

1 Science Park, Boston, MA
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