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Keeping Cool in Boston

Boston has no lack of cooling oases. When the mercury rises, escape to any of these 10 attractions for a soothing summer respite.

Rose Kennedy GreenwayThis strip of parkland in the heart of downtown Boston boasts several cooling spray fountains—including the popular Ring Fountain across from the New England Aquarium and the Ca
Sean Kearns, at the helm of the USS Constitution

Commander of the USS Constitution takes the wheel leading the nation’s oldest commissioned warship into a much-needed rest.

Commander Sean Kearns is a man on a mission. After working his way up through the ranks of the U.S. Navy, he was assigned last year to the command of the USS Constitution, one of the Navy’s most unique jobs. Being a native Mainer certainly didn’t hurt, either—it’s an unofficial Navy tradition for the leader of “Old Ironsides” to be from New England so they have a connection to the area and the historic frigate. 
Uncovering the Old State House

Peek at the Past: Taking the Mystery out of Boston History

As the oldest surviving public building in Boston, the Old State House has seen a remarkable amount of history since its creation in 1713. Over the past 300 years, the Old State House, or “Towne House” as it is sometimes called, has been home to some of Boston’s biggest historical moments, including the Boston Massacre.
Boston: A City of Firsts
Even prior to former Boston Mayor Tom Menino dubbing the South Boston waterfront the Innovation District, the Hub was a center of progressive ideas. Innovation has long been a part of the city’s fabric dating back to its very beginnings. Here’s just a small sampling of sites associated with some of the more prominent Boston firsts.
Anne Rand uncovers the history of the USS Constitution

President of the USS Constitution Museum tells the history of the oldest naval vessel afloat, as it was and as it is today.

“I thought telling the story of just one historic ship would be fun for about three years,” says Anne Grimes Rand, president of the USS Constitution Museum. Rand came to the museum more than 25 ye
Beyond Boston: Provincetown
Provincetown, or “Ptown” as it’s more affectionately known, has been a popular destination for longer than most people imagine. When the Pilgrims first landed here on the Mayflower in 1620 prior to their more famous landing in Plymouth, they stayed for five weeks before moving on to form a more permanent settlement across Massachusetts Bay.
Peek at the Past: Bunker Hill Monument

Taking the mystery out of Boston history!

The sight of the 221-foot Bunker Hill Monument is no doubt a familiar one to many Bostonians. What is less certain, however, is if even locals know the real story behind this monument and the Revolutionary War battle that it commemorates.
Ask a Concierge: Daymeyn Gantt of The Langham, Boston
The Langham Hotel, Boston is your ticket to the lap of luxury in the heart of the Financial District, and is also where concierge Daymeyn Gantt brings his brilliant talents to light. Daymeyn gives guest's the dish on the beauty of walking along Harvard Bridge, the VIP treatment, and how to make the most of a day on the town.
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